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The Joker Imperial Palace (DC Comics)

The Joker Palace Guard

Funko did not take inspiration from an existing figure but created figures in collaboration with the Chinese Imperial Palace. The Joker is here dressed as one of the guards of the palace archives. He wears a green tunic with a brown belt and a long purple kimono that matches his pants to match the colors of the Joker despite this very different style. He also wears an engraved leather shoulder guard that hangs across his torso.


The Prankster

The Joker is one of the most famous villains in the DC Comics universe and in Gotham City. According to the different versions, his story origin is different but in all cases he is a criminal who engages in crime mainly for the pleasure of causing chaos. He is inspired by the Joker character from the card games to commit his crimes as pranks. His smile is extended by two large scars on the sides of his mouth and there are several versions of the origin of these. He would have done it in solidarity with his wife or would have done it in an accident where he fell into a tank of acid. Being a psychopath, he also made a stay in a psychiatric hospital where he met Harleen Quinzel who will become Harley Quinn.


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