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The Mountain Armoured (Game Of Thrones)

Luxurious armor

For this SDCC 2017 exclusive figure, The Mountain is thus represented as we have seen him since the end of season 5, that is to say with full armor. Underneath, we can see that he is wearing a rather simple outfit, a beige tunic with brown boots as well as the famous beige and golden cloak of the royal guard. His armor is golden and very luxurious with fine engravings to remind that he is attached to the Lannisters, the richest family of the continent. At the head level, he wears a golden helmet that matches his armor, which only shows a little bit of green skin around his eyes and lets us think that he is well and truly transformed into a kind of zombie. Finally, even his hands are covered with gloves in order not to let appear.


The Mountain in a bad way

The Mountain is a major character in Game Of Thrones, the cult HBO fantasy series based on the books of the same name. His real name is Gregor Clegane and he has long been loyal to House Lannister. He is a man of extraordinary strength and physique, but also of unparalleled violence, ready to kill men, women and children and to rape without the slightest hesitation. During the war between the former Targaryen king and the other families of Westeros, he did not hesitate to violently kill the last descendants of the Targaryens under the orders of the Lannisters. Later in the series, Oberyn Martell, brother of Rhaegar Targaryen’s wife who was killed by The Mountain, tries to take his revenge on The Mountain. The Mountain is killed during the fight but he still manages to wound him with a poisoned arrow. But while he is thought to be doomed to die, Qyburn, the new maester in the service of Cersei Lannister, manages to bring him back to life, turning him into a kind of zombie. He is then no longer seen without his full armor and helmet.


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