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The Mountain Unmasked (Game Of Thrones)

A true monster

For this new version of this character with his imposing stature, Funko has of course represented him in a super-sized version of 15 cm during his last fight against his brother. He wears the elegant black leather armor in Cersei’s colors with her emblem on the chest and large protections on the shoulders and wrists. In his right hand, he holds his impressive sword and finally, his face reflects his monster nature. His skin is an unhealthy pink-gray, his eyes are rimmed with black, blood flows from his nose and finally, his skin looks like it is cracked and burned on the right side.


A bully

The Mountain, whose real name is Gregor Clegane, is a secondary but important character of the famous series Game Of Thrones. He and his brother Sandor are the only two members of the family and while they are both bullies, they take different paths throughout the series. Serving the crown like his brother, Sandor loves fighting and war but the more the series goes on, the more he will tend towards what he thinks is the right side, rallying notably to the Starks at the time of the fight against the White Walkers. Gregor, on the other hand, is cruel and brutal and lives only to give death. In season four, he is the champion of the crown during the trial by combat requested by Tyrion and for which Oberyn Martell is his champion. Oberyn is finally killed but not before wounding The Mountain with his poisoned spear. The poison should kill him but Qyburn, the queen’s maester with a dubious past, offers to test experiments on him. The following season, The Mountain is back on his feet but still wearing a helmet that hides his face whose skin seems to be in very bad shape. It’s only in the penultimate episode of the series that we see his zombie-like face when he faces his brother in a duel to the death.


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