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The Mountain with Lannister armor (Game Of Thrones)

A demon in armor

Clegane is shown here wearing the elegant black armor given to her by Cersei. It is a long tunic with boots and Cersei’s emblem on the chest. He also wears metal armor on his shoulders and arms. On the head, he wears his large helmet with a silver pattern and we can see through his skin turned gray and his red eyes.


A terrifying mountain

The Mountain, whose real name is Gregor Clegane, is a knight under the orders of the Lannisters in the Game Of Thrones series. He is known for his taste for extreme violence and his physique more than imposing. He is hated by many, including his brother whom he disfigured when they were children. When Joffrey dies and Cersei Lannister takes power, Clegane remains his most faithful ally. Even when he is fatally poisoned by Oberyn Martell, he is saved by Qyburn and becomes an even more terrifying creature. He will finally die during Daenerys’ attack on King’s landing while fighting with his brother.


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