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The Riddler (Batman Forever)

The Man in Green

Funko has represented him with his famous green suit that he wears throughout the movie. This one is composed of pants and a jacket whose flashy green background is covered with question marks. He also wears a hat on which we find a question mark as well as glasses supposed to hide his face. Finally he holds in his hand a golden cane with a question mark at the end.


The Riddler

The Riddler, whose real name is Edward Nygma, is the main villain of the movie Batman Forever, the only adaptation of the famous comics with Val Kilmer as Batman. Edward Nygma is an eccentric inventor who, at the beginning of the movie, offers one of his inventions to the billionaire Bruce Wayne who rejects him. The latter is very offended and, already unstable at the beginning, turns to crime, deciding to use his genius for evil. Obsessed since he was a child with all kinds of riddles, he always leaves riddles on crime scenes, attracting of course the attention of Batman.


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