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The Riddler Impopster (Batman)

A Batman in green

Like the other figures in this series, this one is not inspired by a comic book but was developed directly by Funko. We find the figure of Batman but with the colors of some of his most famous enemies. So we find the famous tight outfit of Batman but it is green with question marks instead of black. In addition to that, we find his boots, his gloves and his cape of a purple color that we often find on the clothes of The Riddler. Finally, at the level of the head, we find this famous mask of bat but of green color with a question mark on the front.


A Mystery Batman

The Riddler is a very well known villain from the DC Comics universe and is one of Batman’s toughest enemies. He has no special powers but uses his high intelligence to orchestrate his crimes. He especially likes to leave riddles at the scene of his crimes for the police or Batman to solve. He is also particularly egocentric, which makes him always want to draw attention to himself, which explains some of his crimes.


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