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Thor (Marvel’s The Avengers)

Thor the warrior

Thor is represented here with the outfit he wears during almost all the Avengers movie. And especially the one he wears when he has to fight. Indeed, his characteristic red cape and the armor” sleeves with a tortoiseshell pattern seem to appear only when he has to use his powers. As if they were “divine attributes” triggered by the use of his hammer, which is of course also represented on this figure. We can therefore recognize his dark blue outfit reinforced by various elements of metal armor on the chest or belt. We can also see the large metal bracelets bordered with red fabric matching his famous red cape. This outfit seems almost identical to the one worn in “Thor”, however in “Thor TDW” although it remains quite similar, it will become a little more sober, less shiny and we will see more leather than metal. Finally, Thor is represented here with his blond hair, half-long, styled backwards and his goatee.


Protector of the Earth

Thor is one of the main characters of the Marvel saga Avengers” and the main one of the “Thor” movies. Played in the cinema by Chris Hemsworth, he appears for the first time in the movie Thor. As in Norse mythology, Thor is one of the most powerful warriors of Asgard. His hammer Mjollnir gives him great strength, allows him to attract lightning and fly. In this first movie, Loki, jealous of his brother, incites Thor to go and fight the ice giants against the orders of their father, Odin. This will lead to Thor’s banishment to Earth, where he will only be allowed to get his hammer and powers back when he proves himself worthy. In “The Avengers”, Loki, who was thought to be dead, returns to Earth to try to take power with a Chitauri army. Thor will be back to try to reason with him and then fight him with SHIELD and the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawk Eye). Thor will then be back on Earth to fight a new threat in “Thor The Dark World”.


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