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Thor (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

A new variation of the character

This figure is the version of the character that can be seen in Avengers Age Of Ultron. Thor is still in his characteristic battle suit, so he differs little from the two previous figures created for Avengers and Thor The Dark World. His armor is an evolution of the one from Thor The Dark World, it has the same patterns and elements but it is made of a lighter metal, much more grey than black. Strangely, although during the whole movie, Thor fights bare-armed, Funko represented him with an armor at the level of arms as in the previous movie. As always, Thor wears his characteristic red cape and his famous hammer Mjolnir which has, for the occasion, changed hands. This figure is overall more detailed than the two previous ones, especially at the head level. Thor finally has the right to a pair of eyebrows which gives him a more expressive face and his blond beard is more finely represented. Finally, his haircut is reproduced very faithfully.


Thor the Earthman

Thor is a character from the movie Avengers Age Of Ultron from Marvel Studios. The film is based on the famous comics of the publisher Marvel. Before this movie, Thor had also appeared in Thor, Avengers 1 and Thor The Dark World. Thor is a demi-god from the planet Asgard. He first comes to Earth in the movie Thor when his father, Odin, exiles him for disobeying his orders. He is also deprived of his powers and will only get them back when he proves himself worthy. In Avengers, Thor returns to Earth when his brother Loki attacks Earth with an army of Chitauri. At the end of Thor The Dark World, he decides to stay on Earth with the human woman he is in love with, Jane Foster. In Avengers Age Of Ultron, we learn that Thor has become a regular member of the Avengers. He divides his time between this mission and his life with Jane. At the beginning of the film, the group recovers the powerful scepter of Loki, lost since the events of Avengers. Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man, and physicist Bruce Banner see it as an opportunity to create Ultron, the ultimate defense for the planet. But their project backfires when Ultron develops an artificial intelligence and decides to destroy humanity, according to him, to make it evolve.


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