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Tony Stark (Spiderman Homecoming)

An ever so cool look

Despite his billionaire status, Tony Stark often has a rather offbeat look. Here, he wears simple black pants with matching sneakers. On top, he wears a gray suit jacket over a white t-shirt with a cat motif that looks very similar to the Funko calico cat pop figure. On the head, we find of course his goatee and his characteristic haircut as well as sunglasses a little retro with a large frame and yellow lenses.


The mentor

Tony Stark is an important character in Spiderman Homecoming, the new version of the story of the famous spider man, this time made by Marvel Studios, which recovered the rights of the character. In the movie Captain America Civil War, Tony Stark needs help to stop Captain America’s mission and so he recruits a young New York high school student who uses his powers acquired by the bite of a radioactive spider to help people. After this successful mission, Peter returns home but he is closely watched by Tony Stark who becomes his mentor, the young man was not only a superhero but also a science enthusiast. When a new character with bad intentions appears in New York, Peter Parker will be able to learn what it is really like to be a superhero.


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