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Tony Stark Victory Shawarma (Avengers)

The Warrior’s Reprieve

Funko has represented Tony Stark during this famous post-generic scene where the six heroes finally eat the shawarma that Tony Stark kept asking for during the whole movie. The bases of the six figures form the floor of the restaurant and they all fit into each other. He sits in a brown chair with one arm over the back and his legs in front of him. He is wearing simple blue pants with black sneakers and an overlay of a gray long-sleeved shirt and a black t-shirt. At the head level, we find his hair styled a bit in spikes on top of his head and his goatee.


A well-deserved shawarma

Tony Stark is one of the heroes of the Avengers movies and the main character of the Iron Man movies. He is a genius engineer who was the head of the weapons design and manufacturing company Stark Industries (having succeeded his father). After a traumatic event where he was kidnapped by terrorists and managed to create a flying armor to escape, he decided to change his company to focus on defensive equipment and became the superhero Iron Man. In the Avengers movie, Loki, the brother of the god Thor comes to Earth with a dangerous army to try to conquer the Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. will then gather Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America and other agents or heroes to try to fight him. Together they become the Avengers and protect New York City and the Earth from an alien invasion. At the end of the movie, after Tony Stark almost dies, the heroes get together to eat shawarma


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