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Tony Stark with Iron Man mask (Spiderman homecoming)

The Man and His Suit

For this SDCC 2017 exclusive figure, Funko depicted Tony Stark with the stylish blue three-piece suit he wears at the beginning of the movie. We also find his purple tie and his famous silver and gold sunglasses. At the level of the head, we find his goatee and his brown hair styled back. Finally, in his right hand, he holds the head of his Iron Man costume in red and gold metal nicely represented.


The hero and his student

Tony Stark is the real name of the superhero Iron Man. He is the billionaire genius owner of the famous Stark Industries, a company that initially manufactured weapons and then decided to focus on defense equipment. In the movie Captain America Civil War, he meets Peter Parker, a young high school student with superpowers related to his bite by a spider and who decided to become a superhero called Spiderman. Tony Stark asks for his help to fight Captain America and he becomes his mentor. In Spiderman Homecoming, he comes back to him to help him improve his costume and help him on his path to becoming a superhero.


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