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Two-Face (Batman Forever)

A Terrifying Appearance

Two Face is shown here with his appearance completely divided. On the right, his undisfigured side, he wears a simple black suit with a red tie and his black hair is pulled back. On the left side, his skin is raw and completely burned and disfigured. This one is pink and his hair is the same color. He is wearing a pink suit with a zebra pattern and a flashy yellow and green tie as well as shoes with metallic tips. Finally, he holds a coin in his hand to represent the two sides of his physique and personality.


A two-faced villain

Two-Face is one of the main villains of the movie Batman Forever, the first adaptation of the famous Gotham City hero by Joel Schumacher. His real name is Harvey Dent and he was the former prosecutor who was disfigured with acid by the mobster Sal Maroni during his trial. The latter had half of his face totally burned and it drove him crazy. He was specifically angry at Batman because he couldn’t prevent the accident. He turned to crime to get revenge on Batman, making several attempts to kill him and killing others, including the family of the tightrope walker Dick Grayson, whom Bruce Wayne took under his wing and who was determined to get revenge on Two-Face.


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