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US Agent (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

Captain America in black

Funko has represented him running and wearing his new US Agent costume for this new character. It is quite similar to Captain America’s with white and red stripes on the chest and a sort of hood on the head, but most of the costume is black instead of blue. He also wears Captain America’s brown gloves and holds his fist forward.


The dark side of Captain America

US Agent is the new identity that John Walker assumes at the end of the first season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. At the beginning of the season, Sam Wilson, who had been given the Captain America shield by Steve Rogers, returned it to the government, not wanting to become Captain America. It was then given to John Walker, a highly decorated American soldier to represent this famous hero in these troubled times following the famous Thanos snap. He will pursue the famous flagsmashers who want to abolish the borders as it was the case during the snap. As Sam Wilson and Bucky try to stop them with as little violence as possible, John Walker begins to get a big head while feeling the frustration of not being taken seriously. He ends up taking stolen super-serum from the flagsmashers and violently killing one of them. The government takes back his shield and dismisses him from the army. He is then contacted by a secret organization that offers him to work for them and he becomes US Agent.


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