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Venom VS Spiderman (Marvel)

A horrific transformation

For this comic moment, Funko depicted a confrontation between the two characters in a metallic version. Spiderman is represented on the ground as if he had sprayed on it, creating a kind of crater in the black asphalt. He is wearing his usual red outfit with the texture of a spider web all over his body and is looking towards Venom who is leaning over his body. Venom is all black with a powerful and muscular body and that famous white logo representing him on his chest. On his head, he has large white eyes and a wide jaw and a large mouth open to a row of impressive teeth.


Legendary enemies

Venom is one of the greatest enemies of Spiderman, the famous hero of the Marvel comics. He is a high school student who gets bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip with his class. But instead of making him sick, it changes his DNA and he develops powers related to the spider. He becomes more agile, fast and strong with better reflexes that allow him to climb walls and spin a web that allows him to move quickly from building to building. Venom is a parasitic alien entity that needs a host to survive. He takes over his body at night to satisfy his thirst for violence and the host usually has no memory or evidence of what he did, except that he wakes up very tired.


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