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Venomized Captain Marvel (Spiderman Maximum Venom)

A disturbing version

Captain Marvel is shown here in a Venomized version, that is to say being transformed by the symbiote. We can see that she is wearing her usual blue outfit with red boots but this one is almost entirely covered with dark blue. On her torso, we find the Venom logo and part of her body is surrounded by this kind of pink tentacle looking like the pink tongue that comes out of her mouth. One of his hands has hooked fingers and his mouth is wide open with two rows of pointed dens.


Tenfold powers

Venom is the great villain of the third season of the Spiderman animated series, for the occasion renamed Spiderman Maximum Venom. He is a well-known villain of the Spiderman universe and Marvel in general. He is a symbiote coming from an extra-terrestrial planet and needing a host to survive. When he takes control of it, his host doesn’t remember anything and Venom often uses it to satisfy his need for revenge. Captain Marvel is a famous Marvel heroine. She was originally a human test pilot who absorbed a large amount of energy from a Kree weapon. This caused her to lose her memory but gave her access to a power almost unparalleled in the Marvel world.


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