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Vulture (Spiderman Homecoming)

A large armor

As in the movie, he wears a black suit with a brown leather jacket. His winged armor is attached to his back as well as his arms and legs and is made of a transparent green plastic. His wings are made of grey metallic elements as well as a transparent and luminous green material. Finally, he also wears a black helmet protecting him and allowing him to remain anonymous.


The main villain

Vulture is Spiderman’s main opponent in the Marvel movie Spiderman Homecoming. After being owned by Fox for many years, the character of Spiderman is finally back in the Marvel stable. First appearing in Captain America Civil War, Spiderman returns in his first solo adventure. He will have to face Vulture, whose real name is Adrian Toomes, a man forced to turn to criminal activity after his business was taken over by Damage Control”, a government organization, partly managed by Tony Stark. To take revenge, he builds a winged armor based on Chitauri technology to recover pieces of technology and sell them on the black market.


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