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War Machine (Avengers Endgame)

A real machine

War Machine is represented here with its full armor. Unlike Iron Man’s, this one is completely metallic grey and more discreet. We can see all the mechanical details as well as the anatomical details giving a human look to the armor, like the abs or the muscles of the torso. Like Iron Man, he has wings on his back that allow him to fly and propel himself in the air. Finally, he wears a rather similar helmet with transparent parts at the eyes.


Tony Stark’s longtime ally

War Machine, whose real name is James Rhodey” Rhodes, is a member of the U.S. Army and a very good friend of Tony Stark in the Marvel universe. We first met him in Iron Man 2 when he was the first to test the new prototype of the army trying to imitate the principle of the Iron Man armor. He has since joined the Avengers team and Tony Stark has of course reworked his armor to make it as good as his own. In Captain America Civil War, the battle between the two sides turns ugly and Rhodey is seriously injured in the back, thus being disabled in both legs. Fortunately, Tony Stark builds him an exoskeleton that allows him to continue to move and fight. In Endgame, Rhodey is one of those who do not disappear with the “snap” of Thanos and he participates in the first mission to try to recover the stones thanks to Captain Marvel, then in the second mission of time travel.


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