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Wasp (Ant-Man And The Wasp)

An even more elaborate costume

The wasp is a costume that allows, like Ant-Man’s, to become very small, but in her case, it also allows her to fly. She is represented in full action and with this tight costume with patterns resembling a honeycomb. She wears reinforcements at the knees, waist and wrists. On her back, we can see the two-part metal wings that allow her to fly, and finally, on her head, we find the helmet similar to Ant-Man’s, except that her visor is yellow and she has two kinds of antennas on both sides of her head.


A prickly heroine

Wasp is one of the central characters in the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp. Her real name is Hope Van Dyne and she was discovered in the first episode of Ant-Man’s adventures. She is the daughter of scientist Hank Pym and a brilliant scientist herself. Hank had asked Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, to retrieve the plans of one of his inventions that his former colleague intended to use for not very altruistic purposes. Throughout the film, Hope was very critical and a little jealous of Scott Lang because she was planning to use the Ant-Man suit herself. But finally they fell in love at the end of the film. In the second film, Scott is under house arrest after helping Captain America. Hank and Hope have developed a costume for Hope, this time with wings, and they are working on a machine that will allow them to go to the quantum plane in order to find Hope’s mother who got lost there many years ago.


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