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Whis (Dragon Ball Z)

A funny look

With his strange costume and his funny haircut, Whis looks like he is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. We can see this pink tunic with colorful patterns matched with the pants and worn with elegant black and white shoes. He holds his stick in his right hand and he wears this funny ring around his neck. As in the series his skin is blue and finally, we find his white hair styled in a kind of high wave on the top of his head.


Servant and master

Whis is the one who woke up the god Beerus from his thirty years sleep in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Being the one who woke him up, Whis becomes his master but given the power of Beerus, he is also his servant and advisor. Indeed, this one being strangely immature, he needs the advice of the wise Whis to achieve his goals. Beerus, and therefore Whis by extrapolation, is one of the greatest enemies that Son Goku will have to fight, this one having been awakened by the fact that Goku managed to reach the state of Super Saiyan God.


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