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Wilson Fisk (Daredevil)

An unforgettable physique

With his great size and shaved head, Wilson Fisk has a physique that we do not forget and Funko has represented him very well. On the body, we can find one of the famous dark suits that we can see him wearing many times in the series and on some promo pictures. His hands are attaching his cufflinks as we can also see on some promo pictures. At the level of the head, we can see his perfectly bald head as well as his frowned eyebrows which give him an evil air.


The Big Bad

Wilson Fisk is the main villain of season 1 of the Netflix series Daredevil. It is one of the four recent series related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock, a New York lawyer who went blind at the age of nine and has since developed his other senses in an exceptional way. After the Chitauri attack in Avengers, the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood has become a haven for the mob. Matt Murdock will take advantage of his extraordinary abilities to become the vigilante Daredevil and bring order to the area. Wilson Fisk is one of the great leaders of the New York underworld and will therefore come into conflict with Daredevil more than once.


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