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Wonder Woman Amazonia (Wonder Woman)

Different Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is represented here as she is in this comic with her look mixing superhero, steampunk and turn of the century fashion. She wears a red strapless dress with her usual golden eagle on the front and it is pulled up in front to let her legs be seen. She also wears small black boots with heels typical of the time. At the level of the head, we find her usual golden tiara with the red star in the center and her hair is inflated on the top and returns in a long plait in the back. Finally, she wears black gloves and of course her metal wrist guards.


A completely different story

Wonder Woman is also the heroine of the comic book Amazonia taking place in a kind of parallel world where Wonder Woman’s story is quite different than in the original comic. Indeed, in this world with a SteamPunk atmosphere, the story diverges from ours when Queen Victoria and all her family are murdered. A mysterious heir to Charles Plantagenet arrives and takes the throne for himself. The young Diana is kidnapped from her Paradise Island by Steve Trevor (here a villain in the service of the cruel new king) and is forcibly married to him. She then becomes the star of a show in London recounting episodes from the Bible (the new king having instituted very misogynistic and retrograde laws) until she decides to run away to become the mysterious heroine Wonder Woman organizing the resistance against King Charles who will be joined by Charles’s own son who is a man as just and good as his father is tyrannical and evil.


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