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Wonder woman (Wonder Woman)

The origins of Wonder woman

Wonder woman is represented here with her iconic blue, red and gold outfit from the comics, but much better adapted to the Greek-inspired style of the Amazons. She wears a bustier as an armor with the representation of an eagle. With that, she wears the fringed skirt typical of Greek warriors and metallic sandals that also act as armor. In her hands, she holds her shield as well as her sword godkiller” and famous lasso of truth. At the head level, we recognize her long brown hair and her famous golden crown that reminds us that she is a princess.


Princess of Themyscira

Wonder woman, whose real name is Diana, is the princess of the secret island of Themyscira and the youngest of the Amazons, a people of warrior women created by the god Zeus to help mankind fight Ares, the god of war who, jealous of the attention paid to Zeus’ favorite creation, had decided to corrupt the hearts of men. After their victory, the Amazons had thus withdrawn on the paradisiacal island of Themyscira. Hippolyta, their queen, would have begged Zeus to have a child and this is how the young Diana would be born. But years later, when she is an adult, a plane falls into the sea near their island and Diana dives in to rescue the pilot. Steve Taylor is an American spy who has just escaped with an important document from the Germans as World War I is about to end. When he tells her what is going on and the horrors of war, she decides, against her mother’s orders, to help him leave the island to bring the document back to his leaders and if possible try to find and kill Ares, whom she thinks is responsible for this war.


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