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Wonder Woman with crown (Wonder Woman 1984)

In battle

Wonder Woman is shown here in full battle when she goes with Steve to the White House to try to convince the President to give up his wish and confront Maxwell Lord who stole the stone and absorbed it. She is fighting the security of the building that he sent against her. She wears here her classic Wonder Woman outfit with this red bustier with a little blue blade skirt and golden borders. She also wears red boots as well as her crown which has just fallen and which symbolizes the progressive loss of her powers. Finally, we find her brown hair in her back.


A difficult choice

Wonder Woman is the heroine of the movie Wonder Woman 1984, which follows the first movie adapting the story of the famous comic book heroine. While the first film took place during the First World War, we find Diana in 1984 in the United States. She works as an archaeologist in a museum while continuing to use her Amazon powers to protect humans in secret. She meets another archaeologist who also feels a bit lonely and they become friends. She is brought a stone recovered from a robbery that is supposed to grant wishes. Diana wishes to see Steve again without realizing or believing it, but his soul reappears in the body of another. If Diana is at first happy, she soon begins to understand that the wish had a price: her powers that begin to diminish.


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