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Yellow Jacket (Ant-Man)

A very successful action figure

Darren Cross is represented here as Yellow Jacket, with his own suit that allows him to miniaturize himself. Like the Ant-Man figure, the Yellow Jacket figure is particularly detailed. On the body we find this black suit with yellow elements whose details are particularly well represented. From his waist, two kinds of pincers extend, adding to the insect aspect of his costume. At the head level, he wears a helmet that covers his whole face and only his eyes are visible through the yellow glass. On the glass, we can see a honeycomb pattern that reminds us of the bee inspiration of his costume.


Hank Pym

Yellow Jacket’s enemy is one of the main characters in Ant-Man, a Marvel Studios movie based on the comic book of the same name. Scott Lang is a kind-hearted burglar who is trying to make a fresh start after serving a few years in prison for stealing from a company that was ripping off its customers. But his years in prison don’t help him find a job and he agrees to do one more robbery. He manages to get into the particularly well-protected safe of a luxurious house. All he finds is a strange combination that he decides to steal anyway and takes it home. But when he tries it on and presses a button, he is reduced to a few millimeters. Hank Pym, the owner of the suit explains to him that it was only a test and that he wants to hire him for a very special job. Indeed, his former prot?g? is developing a suit identical to his own but that he intends to use for very negative purposes. Hank wants Scott Lang/Ant-Man to help him get the suit back and destroy all of Darren Cross’ research, which will become Yellow Jacket.


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