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Zenyatta (Overwatch)

A Zen robot

As in the game, Zenyatta is a humanoid robot made of different grey metallic parts and a necklace of golden spheres. His face is a kind of grey and golden mask decorated with blue lights on the forehead, whose details are nicely reproduced. He wears simple orange monk’s pants, reminiscent of those of Buddhist monks, and flip-flops. Finally, he is represented levitating in the lotus position and thus rests on a transparent base.


The robot monk

Zenyatta is an omniscient robot who became a monk in the famous first-person shooter Overwatch. These robots, created during the omnic wars that ravaged the planet for a time, had some kind of revelation that they were not just artificial intelligences but could, like humans, have a real soul. They withdrew to a monastery in the Himalayas, vowing to right the wrongs of previous generations. Zenyatta took a different path and chose to travel the world in order to meet the world and help to solve their psychological problems and it is said that one is never the same after meeting him.


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