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Zombie Deadpool (Marvel Zombies)

A horrible appearance

As in those famous comics, Deadpool is represented here as a zombie. We still find his black and red outfit covering a large part of his body but it has melted at the level of his face, revealing his already damaged skin but also the places where it has decomposed at the level of his teeth and his nose. He has a metal bar stuck in his torso and green liquid is dripping from the wound. One of his arms is torn off but now seems attached to the other.


Zombie heroes

Deadpool is one of the many Marvel heroes who are part of the Marvel Zombies comic book series, which tells a very different story from the classic comics. Indeed, on the parallel Earth-2149, a terrible epidemic has transformed a large part of the population into zombies, including the superheroes. Thus, many of them are now zombies looking for fresh meat but keeping all their initial powers, which makes them particularly dangerous. Some other heroes like Magneto, Tony Star or Black Panther will survive and try to fight against the zombies while trying to save the remaining surviving humans. In the case of Deadpool, he perpetually decomposes like a zombie but he continues to be impossible to kill because of his regeneration powers.


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