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Zombie The Thing (Marvel Zombies)

A terrifying appearance

The Thing is represented here with his skin made of red stone all cracked with large fists and big feet, wearing only a torn blue pants. The stone has receded in places and reveals his skeleton seemingly made of gray stone. He has a clenched fist and his other hand stretched forward.


A terrifying zombie

The Thing is one of the famous Marvel superheroes belonging to the Marvel Zombies comic book series whose story takes place on an Earth parallel to ours. This one, Earth 2149, has been victim of a terrible epidemic that has turned a large percentage of the population into zombies and the superheroes are no exception. They still have the powers we know but they no longer protect the population and are only interested in finding fresh meat, which makes them particularly dangerous zombies. Fortunately, the uncontaminated heroes will try to save the population. But this is not the case of The Thing who is one of the members of the famous Fantastic Four who got their power after being hit by cosmic rays. The Thing has been transformed into an ultra-resistant red stone creature, which makes him a zombie almost impossible to kill.


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