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Agent Coulson (Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD)

A very cool action figure to match the character

On this action figure Agent Coulson is represented with his traditional suit and tie. If there is one thing that makes his trademark, it is this. Indeed, whatever the situation, even if he knows he will have to fight, we will never see him leave his suit. And this is where we see the comic” origin of this character so the outfit must never vary much to be recognizable. The creators of the figurine chose to represent him with his blue suit and the striped tie that he wears on all the promo photos of the series. As on these photos, he also wears his sunglasses type “men in black”. They give a very cool look to this figure but seem to me more representative of his appearances in the first movies when SHIELD is still a rather mysterious entity. Although the heads of the figures are still molded on the same model, the high hairline, the side parting and the large forehead are enough to recognize Clark Gregg (the actor playing Phil Coulson). Finally, Funko went as far as the little SHIELD card hanging on his jacket and the earpiece in his right ear!


From an anecdotal character to the main character

Phil Coulson is an agent of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), an agency whose goal is to protect the population from all threats, especially extraterrestrial. He made his first brief appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the movie Iron Man. We will find him each time a little more present in Iron Man 2 then Thor until Avengers where his role is significantly more important. He will die in the course of the movie, killed by Loki, which could have made us believe that this character was finished. But Agent Coulson will later become the central character of the new series of Joss Whedon: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Where the movies are focused on the superheroes, the series focuses on a group of agents dealing with the recovery of strange artifacts or dealing with situations that do not attract the attention of Thor, Captain America and the others! But if the series has a story of its own, it remains perfectly coherent with the timeline of the movies, some of which will influence the series. Agent Coulson is a typically Whedonesque” character with his quirky humor and his lines that always hit the bull’s eye. His geeky side also makes him a very endearing character. His mysterious resurrection/healing following the Avengers events will be one of the main enigmas of season 1.


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