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All Might Weakened (My Hero Academia)

A weak man

All Might is represented here in his weakened form when he is no longer a simple human. He has a frozen smile that looks more like a sneer and his blue eyes give him a very disturbing look. His blond hair is matted and sticks out on all sides. He wears green pants and a white t-shirt that hang partially over his skinny, weakened and slightly deformed body. This figure is particularly successful because of its very realistic attitude, alive and not at all static.


A complex character

All Might is an important character in the series and manga My Hero Academia. The story takes place in a world where almost all humans are born with an alter. This one gives them certain powers that can make them superheroes. All Might is the most famous of them and teaches at Yuei High School to train other superheroes. His alter the One For All is particularly powerful but in his normal form, All Might is in fact increasingly ill and in bad shape. He therefore chose to bequeath his alter to Deku, one of his students whom he considers the only one who deserves such a powerful alter, especially since he himself is one of the only ones who does not naturally possess one.


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