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All Might Weakened glows in the dark (My Hero Academia)

A disturbing appearance

All Might is represented here in his true form, weakened with a figure glowing in the dark. His body is much thinner and he is wearing his blue suit with yellow boots. He seems to be in a fighting stance with his fist raised and his fierce attitude. His face is also very skinny and his eyes are ringed in a worrying way. Finally, he is covered with scratches on his arms and face and his blond hair is combed into spikes.


A terrible secret

All Might is one of the most important characters of the anime series and the manga My Hero Academia. He is one of the most famous superheroes and a teacher at Yuei High School who trains superheroes. His alter, which gives him his power, is the One For All, known to be the most powerful in the world. But All Might is actually very sick and in bad shape although he easily manages to hide his health condition. That’s why he decided to bequeath his alter to the young Deku, whom he considers the most deserving, which is a good thing since the latter was born without an alter.


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