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Ant-Man (Ant-Man)

Ant-Man is thus of course represented with the suit that allows him to shrink at will. On the body, it is composed of a black and red outfit and matching boots, the whole reminding a bit of a biker suit. It is particularly detailed, and we also find of course the different metallic elements that compose it like the belt or the two bracelets that are used to communicate or to control his transformation. At the level of the head, he wears a full face helmet that only shows his eyes through his red glasses. This helmet is entirely silver-grey and, once again, particularly detailed. At the level of the mouth, we can also see a kind of gas mask that allows him to breathe whatever the situation.


A particularly detailed figure

Ant-Man is the main character of the Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man. Like all Marvel movies, this one is of course inspired by a comic book of the same name. His real name is Scott Lang, and at the beginning of the movie, Ant-Man is a burglar who has just been released from prison for stealing from a company that was ripping off its customers. Unable to find a real job to support his young daughter, he reluctantly agrees to rob the safe of a luxury home. Thanks to his ingenuity, he manages to get into the safe but only finds a strange combination. Out of spite, he decides to steal it anyway and takes it home. But when he tries it and presses a button, he finds himself reduced to a few millimeters, smaller than an ant. A voice speaks to him in his helmet and he understands that all this was a test and that the man he robbed, Hank Pym, actually wants to hire him for a very specific job: to prevent his former prot?g? from making a similar suit in order to give it a military application.


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