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Arkham Knight (Batman Arkham Knight)

An anti-Batman

This character is a kind of Batman gone bad, so it is not surprising that his costume is not so far from Batman’s. We can find this mask that refers to Batman’s with its pointed ears, although it covers his entire face. All the details of his outfit, from the metal armor to the gloves, are very finely reproduced and make it a very successful figure.


A mysterious villain

Arkham Knight is the main enemy of Batman in the video game Batman Arkham Knight. This mysterious villain seems to have a personal grudge against Bruce Wayne and wants revenge for something and has control of an entire army for this purpose. We will later find out that he is actually Jason Todd, one of the previous Robin’s that Batman thought was dead and who was actually tortured by the Joker for a year. At the very end, he decides to save Batman’s life in extremis.


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