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Arya Stark saison 7 (Game Of Thrones)

A young girl who has grown up a lot

Funko has represented Arya Stark in the same outfit she wears in season 7. Back in Westeros, Arya has again a Westerosi outfit. And since she’s back in the North and winter is here, her outfit actually looks a lot like the one worn by Jon. Considering herself a warrior, she wears no dress but pants with boots and a long blue tunic. On top of that, she wears a soft leather armor and finally an elegant cloak with her two colors, which shows that she comes from a wealthy family. This one covers her shoulders and gives her the necessary freedom of movement to handle the sword Needle” that she holds in her left hand. On her head, Arya wears her hair half-long but simply pulled back in the same way that Jon wears it.


A child turned ruthless

Arya Stark is one of the important characters of the fantasy series Game Of Thrones based on the famous novels by George Martin. She is the youngest daughter of the Stark family, who is only about ten years old when we discover her in the first episode of the series. While the things she has experienced in seven seasons have made her particularly dangerous and ruthless, young Arya was already a very strong character from the beginning of the series. Although she was a girl, her only wish was to become a warrior. Her father will agree to train her and make her give fencing lessons by the formidable Syrio Forel and the sword offered by her brother Jon is the only thing she will manage to keep all this time. When her father is sentenced to death by Cersei, she is taken in by a friend of his working in the Night’s Watch, who plans to take her to the safety of her brother Jon. But their company is attacked and she finds herself a prisoner in Tywin Lannister’s house. After that, she spends time with the unbannered company and then with The Hound who planned to bring her back to her family in exchange for money, before finally finding her freedom. She then decided to take a boat to Braavos and learn from the man who had saved her from Tywin Lannister. Her training with the faceless men” lasts two years, during which she learns to become a killer able to take the face of the people she has killed. But in the end, she decides to return to Westeros, determined to avenge her family. She kills Walder Frey and then sets off for King’s Landing only to learn that Jon and Sansa are back at Winterfell. She then decides to go back and finally find her family.


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