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Arya Stark training (Game Of Thrones)

Promising debut

Arya Stark is shown here during one of her training scenes with Syrio Forel in season one. She is wearing green pants with brown shoes and a beige tunic. She also wears a kind of small skirt closed by a brown belt like her instructor. She is also holding a wooden sword in her left hand and her medium-length brown hair is pulled back from her face.


A future assassin

Arya Stark is one of the main characters of the series Game Of Thrones adapted from the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire by George Martin. She is the youngest daughter of the Stark family, the guardians of the northern kingdom of Westeros. While her older sister only dreams of life at court and marrying a prince, Arya wants to become a warrior like her brothers. While the whole family has to go to court at the king’s request, her father takes the opportunity to hire Syrio Forel, a fencing instructor from Bravoos who will teach Arya to fight using her small size as an advantage. When the queen has her father and his entire family arrested for discovering her secret, Arya, with Syrio’s help, is left alone for many years, surviving as best she can and learning new fighting techniques until she becomes formidable.


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