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Ashe Winter Skin (Overwatch)

Crime by Passion

Ashe is shown here with her winter skin, which is available in the game during the holiday season. As on her classic skin, she wears a far west inspired outfit but in shades of blue and white with golden details especially on her boots or the metallic buckles of her clothes. At the level of the head, her hair is blue and cut to the square and she wears a white cowboy hat with a golden emblem.


A surprising career

Ashe is one of the playable characters of the online video game Overwatch. Originally from America, Ashe, whose real name is Elizabeth, grew up in a wealthy family with a very good reputation. But having a lonely childhood, Ashe felt idle until she met the notorious bandit McCree. She fell in love with him and the life of crime in general. She became very good at bank robberies but her talent also made her a target. Despite this, she managed to unite the gangs around her and became the head of the notorious Deadlocks gang.


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