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Atreus (God Of War)

A true son of the North

Atreus is represented here with the warm outfit necessary for a journey in the great north that he wears throughout the video game. He wears pants with boots tightened with ropes and a tunic covered with thick white fur and many utensils hanging from his belt. On his head, we can see the numerous small scars on his face as well as his hair styled in mohawk in the Viking style. Finally, he holds in his hands his bow in which an arrow is already notched, ready to be shot.


The son of the warrior

Atreus is the son of Kratos, the famous hero of God Of War video games fighting the gods of Olympus. In God Of War 4, after having survived the massacre of Olympus in the previous opus, he retired far to the North in Midgard and founded a family, he hopes, sheltered from the Nordic gods. But misfortune strikes his family again when his wife falls ill. Before she dies, she asks him to scatter her ashes on top of the highest mountain in Midgard. But Kratos doesn’t think his son is ready for such a perilous journey and while they are on a training mission, they are attacked by a particularly dangerous character and have no choice but to take the road together to reach the mountain. On the way, they will meet new enemies but fortunately also new allies.


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