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Figurines Pop Brok et Sindri (God Of War)

A hell of a duo

Funko has put the two brothers together in this exclusive pack. Brok is recognizable with his blue skin, shaved head and big brown beard. He wears an outfit made of leather and skin as is often the case for blacksmiths with matching boots. He holds a tool in his left hand and his other hand is on his hip. Sindri wears a very shiny golden armor over a brightly colored red and blue tunic and wears big leather boots. He holds a tool in one hand and a stone in the other. Finally, he has a beard and brown hair.


Angry brothers

Brok and Sindri are two characters that we meet in the video game God Of War 4 taking place this time in Midgard and focusing on the Nordic mythology. After defeating the gods of Olympus, Kratos went to live in Midgard where he got married and had a son, Atreus. He lived peacefully until the death of his wife. Her last wish was that they take her ashes to the top of the highest mountain in Midgard. On the way, they will meet Brok and Sindri, two dwarves from Norse mythology, the ones who forged Thor’s hammer and Kratos’ axe. The two work together in the family business until they argue over which one is the stronger of the two and split up.


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