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Kratos et Atreus (God Of War)

A formidable duo

Funko has represented here Atreus and Kratos together in an exclusive two pack. Kratos still has his beard, his very pale skin and the famous red mark on his face. He wears a leather armor with a mesh rib and golden armatures on the shoulders and arms. This one is of course reinforced with furs to adapt to the cold climate. Finally, he carries his axe in both hands. Atreus is represented with his red hair with a crest on the top of his head. He also wears furs and a lot of thick leather clothes with big boots closed with ropes. He also holds a bow in his hands ready to shoot an arrow.


Father and son

Kratos is the hero of the video game saga God Of War. He is a brilliant but bloodthirsty Spartan general who found himself fighting the cruel gods of Olympus several times in the first three installments of the saga. In the fourth one, after killing all the gods of Olympus, he retired to Midgard where he met a woman with whom he got married, and a son. Unfortunately his wife fell ill and died just after asking him to scatter her ashes on top of the highest mountain in Midgard. Kratos, thinking that young Atreus is not ready for such a journey, starts to prepare his training. But during the training, they are attacked and are forced to flee to the mountain. This journey will of course be filled with perils and enemies but also with amazing new allies.


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