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Fire Troll (God Of War)

A fearsome look

Funko has thus represented here the fire troll with his purple skin and the big horns on the sides of his head. He wears just a cloth loincloth and some leather elements around his torso and legs to which are attached various objects, stones, rocks, tools, etc… He has a long brown dress to which is also attached stones. He has red eyes and an angry grimace and is holding on to the huge stone engraved with symbols that serves as his main weapon.


A fierce creature

Fire trolls are creatures that we meet in the video game God Of War 4. After having fought and killed all the gods of Olympus, the famous warrior Kratos had settled far in the north in Midgard. He got married and had a son named Atreus. Unfortunately, his wife died and asked him to scatter her ashes on top of the highest mountain in Midgard. During this dangerous journey with his son, Kratos encountered dangerous creatures such as the fire trolls. They are huge creatures and are a people in their own right who had many cities until they were decimated and the few remaining fire trolls were scattered throughout Midgard and the nine realms. Despite their impressive appearance and their tendency to extreme violence, they are gifted with a great intelligence and perception since they know how to recognize a living soul from a dead one.


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