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Draugr (God Of War)

An eerie appearance

The Draugr has been depicted with his lean and gaunt body whose gray skin color almost looks like stone. He is almost naked except for a loincloth around his waist and a few leather straps on some parts of his body. At the head level, his skull is deformed and damaged and shows the fire in his eyes, through his mouth and the cuts on his face. Finally, he holds in his hand a knife with a curved and red blade as if it had been heated to white.


Sad creatures

The Draugar are creatures of the Nordic mythology that we find in the video game God of war 4 taking place not in ancient Greece but in Midgard. When Kratos’ wife dies and she asks him to scatter her ashes on top of the highest mountain in Asgard, he must undertake a dangerous journey with his son Atreus. The Draugar are among the enemies they will meet on the way. They are undead creatures, sort of zombies living in their graves and guarding the treasure with which they were buried with great violence. They were often dying warriors refusing the call of the Valkyries out of thirst for revenge who were condemned to remain on Midgard in an empty shell resembling their previous form and perpetually angry.


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