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Kratos with axe (God Of War)

A new styleHaving moved to a different part of the globe, Kratos has adopted a slightly different style. He is still shirtless, but wears gray pants with boots and leather straps around his calves as armor. He wears a wide belt around his waist with red straps sticking out irregularly. He also wears armor around one wrist and a simple band of cloth around the other. On his head, he has a much thicker black beard and still has his tattoo in the middle of his face. Finally, he holds in his hand an axe with a long wooden handle and engravings on the blade.


The fierce warrior of antiquity goes north

Kratos is the fierce warrior hero of God Of War video games taking place in antiquity and very inspired by Greek mythology. In the first three installments of the game, Kratos faced several of the Olympian gods until the complete massacre of the gods in the third installment. At the beginning of the fourth installment, he retreated to the Nordic land of Midgard and started a new family safe from the Nordic gods. When his wife dies, he decides to go with his son Atreus on a journey to the highest mountain in Midgard to scatter her ashes as she had asked. He hesitates because he thinks his son is not ready, but they are attacked by a mysterious and powerful character and they have no choice but to leave, making new enemies, but also allies, along the way.


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