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B.O.B (Overwatch)

A cow boy robot

Funko has represented B.O.B in a supersized version for this new Overwatch figure. You can see his arms, his torso and his face in silver metal with this black part making a big moustache. Like Ashe, he wears a modern cowboy outfit with brown leather pants and a jacket of the same color. Finally, he holds a Route 66 sign in his hand that he seems to have lifted off the ground.


A faithful companion

B.O.B (Big Omniac Butler or Bodyguard) is one of the playable characters in the online video game Overwatch. He was the omniac butler of the young Elizabeth who later became Ashe. Her wealthy parents took little care of her, so BOB was the one she spent the most time with as a child and talked to the most, even though he couldn’t answer her. When she met Jesse McCree and decided to become a bank robber, BOB followed her, becoming her bodyguard before being equipped with weapons and actively participating in bank robberies.


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