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Ballerina Deadpool (Deadpool)

Deadpool ballerina

Funko has represented Deadpool with a ballerina costume for this exclusive figurine. He was seen with a similar costume in the Deadpool video game released in 2013 where the player can unlock this costume by completing certain missions. Here he is shown on a transparent plastic base standing on one point and with the other leg raised. Over his usual black and red costume, he wears a ballerina outfit consisting of a leotard, a pink tutu, pink tights and small pink slippers to match.


A hero like no other

Deadpool is the most famous (and probably the only) superhero mercenary of the Marvel editions. His real name is Wade Wilson and he is a former assassin for the CIA who became a mercenary after being fired. He became Deadpool after participating in scientific experiments to try to cure his cancer, which triggered in him a mutation similar to Wolverine’s. He can regenerate with the power of his own hands. He can regenerate infinitely and is therefore almost immortal. But the experiments have left him disfigured and he never leaves his red and black outfit that hides him completely. But this has not taken away his black and offbeat humor and his limited sense of morality. Deadpool loves to dress up, which he often does, with or without good reason.


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