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Bastion (Overwatch)

A nature lover

Bastion being an impressive robot, Funko of course represented him as an oversized figure of 15 cm instead of the usual 10 cm. With a humanoid shape but with square forms, we can see the details of his green and beige limbs as well as the few silver and orange elements. His head has a cube shape but with a blue light in the middle that looks like an eye. On one side, his arm is lowered with his weapon touching the ground, and the other is raised with a small yellow bird delicately placed on his finger.


A converted killer

Bastion is one of the playable heroes of the online video game Overwatch. Like all Bastion robots, his task was mainly to guard cities and keep the peace. But when the Omnium Crisis broke out, Bastions used their ability to reconfigure themselves and were among the first to turn against their human designers. At the end of the war, all of them were destroyed except one, which was forgotten. It seemed dead and without consciousness and little by little nature took over. But ten years later, he woke up and, as all aggressiveness seemed to have disappeared from his programming, he became very interested in the nature that surrounded him. After a few altercations with humans that awakened his aggressive programming, Bastion decided to stay in the wilderness and desert areas with no human population.


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