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Batgirl (Batgirl)

A colorful bat

Like all early versions of this line of superheroes, Batgirl’s costume is not the most discreet for a bat. She wears a tight black jumpsuit with boots, a belt, gloves and a yellow logo on her chest. She also wears a black cape with a yellow lining. She holds in her hand one of the famous batarang and at the level of the head, she wears of course a mask of bat. Her long red hair also protrudes from her mask at the back of her head.


The female equivalent of Robin

Batgirl, whose real name is Betty Kane, is a rather famous character of the Batman universe. She appears in the years and is at first the assistant of Batwoman, kind of equivalent to Robin for Batman. The two young women operate in Gotham City when Batman (Bruce Wayne) is away, despite his insistence not to. Another incarnation of Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police chief, and this version is much more interesting since she acts independently and not as a mere foil. Like Batma, however, she has no superpowers and therefore relies on her intelligence, physical abilities and of course her gadgets.


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