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Batman Imperial Palace (DC Comics)

A superhero like no other

Funko has not been inspired by an existing comic book but has created this series of figurines in collaboration with the Imperial Palace of China in order to make a meeting between history and popular culture. Batman is dressed as a medieval imperial guard. He wears a long black leather armor with reinforcements on the shoulders and arms and golden contours. We can see all the patterns and details of this armor. Finally, he wears of course his black cape and his bat mask.


The Batman

Batman is one of the most famous characters in the DC Comics universe. His real name is Bruce Wayne and he is a millionaire living in the famous Wayne Mansion. He is highly trained in martial arts and thanks to his fortune, he has built a secret repair under his mansion, as well as many gadgets, weapons and vehicles that allow him to fight crime at night. He wears a black disguise and a bat mask to remain unnoticed. Indeed, since the murder of his parents by a thug when he was still a child, he is determined to avenge them and do everything to keep the streets of Gotham City safer.


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