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Black Jack Randall (Outlander)

A typical English officer

Playing the role of the ancestor of Claire’s husband, Jack Randall is interpreted by the same actor as Frank but his dress is of course completely different since he is an officer of the English army of the 18th century. We find therefore well these pants and these black boots worn with these famous tunics and red jackets of the English army of the time. The details of gold buttons and blue inserts on his outfit, as well as the sleeves of his shirt slightly protruding, are very nicely reproduced on this figurine. On his belt, he is of course wearing his sword in its leather sheath. On the head, his face is quite simple but we can recognize him thanks to his famous black tricorn hat with a perfectly recognizable golden border.


An ancestor with a dark reputation

Black Jack Randall is an important character in the Outlander series, adapted from the fantasy-historical novels by Diane Gabaldon. We follow the story of Claire Randall, an English war nurse during the Second World War. At the liberation, she finds her husband, Frank, whom she has hardly seen for five years. They decide to go on a second honeymoon to Scotland in the Highlands to follow in the footsteps of Frank’s ancestors, who are passionate about genealogy. During a walk, they come across stone circles reputed to be magical. Claire returns alone the next day to pick flowers and hears voices coming from a stone. Intrigued, she approaches it and is thrown backwards by its contact. When she wants to leave, she can’t find her car, so she starts to walk and comes across a man, resembling her husband, but dressed as an 18th century soldier. She then understands that she was projected in 1742 and that this man is none other than Jack Randall, her husband’s ancestor. While he tries to rape her, she is saved by Scottish clansmen. Using her knowledge as a nurse, she heals the arm of a young Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser, and the men take her with them as a guest to their castle. She befriends Jamie and learns more about her husband’s ancestor who is even worse than she imagined. The man seems to have developed an obsession for Jamie and for Claire, they will be led to meet him again during the series, generally in the worst circumstances.


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