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Frank Randall (Outlander)

40’s style

Although the character is important to the story, we only see him in a few episodes of the series so far and he is usually always dressed the same, so it is logically this style that we find on the figurine. Frank is wearing a brown three-piece suit typical of this period. The pants have a very high waist and he wears the suit with a white shirt and a matching brown striped tie. At the head level, his face is quite simple but he is well recognizable by his hat also typical of his time with its wide brim and its contrasting light brown fabric band. Finally, Frank is holding a hand in his pocket, in a typical 40’s style.


An abandoned husband

Frank Randall is a character from Outlander, the fantasy-historical series adapted from the novels of the same name. The series tells the story of Claire Randall, an English war nurse. At the end of the Second World War, she is reunited with her husband, Frank, whom she has hardly seen in five years. In order to get to know each other again, they go on a trip to Scotland to follow the footsteps of Frank’s ancestors, who are passionate about genealogy. During a walk, they come across stone circles where druidic priestesses are practicing a dance. Intrigued, Claire returns alone the next day to pick some flowers she has spotted there. Then she hears voices coming from a stone and when she touches it, she is thrown back. When she tries to leave, some things seem different and her car is gone. She starts to walk and comes across a man, who she thinks is her husband but dressed as an 18th century soldier. He tries to rape her but she is then rescued by men from a Scottish clan and taken back to their castle as a guest. She then understands that she has been transported back to 1742 and that the man she has met is Black Jack Randall, her husband’s ancestor and a man with a very dark reputation. As she tries to return to her time, Claire also develops feelings for Jamie Fraser, one of the young warriors of the clan. Meanwhile, her husband will search for her for months, despite the insistence of the people around him who want to convince him that she has simply left him.


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