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Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

A true Scotsman

As a proud Scotsman, Jamie of course wears his traditional kilt most of the time. And more particularly a kilt with the colors of his clan. We find his beige kilt with brown stripes worn with high black boots. On the chest, Jamie wears the classic outfit of any gentleman of his time: a beige shirt, a red jacket and a plaid jacket matching his kilt. Over that, he wears a brown leather belt that also goes over his shoulder. In his right hand, he holds his sword. At the level of the head, we find the light goatee that he wears at the beginning of the series on his chin. And we recognize of course the famous red and curly hair which characterizes him.


A wanted man

Jamie Fraser is one of the main characters of the Outlander series, adapted from the novels of the same name. The series tells the story of Claire Randall, an English war nurse who, just after the end of World War II, goes on her second honeymoon to Scotland with her husband, whom she has not seen for several years. While visiting alone a site with strange stones that seem to be linked to magical rites, she finds herself propelled backwards by touching one of them. When she tries to return home, she realizes that everything is different and she quickly understands that she has been propelled back to 1742. While an English officer she has just met tries to rape her, she is saved by several members of a Scottish clan who believe her to be a druid. It is there that she meets Jamie Fraser, a young wounded warrior. Given her training, she manages to put her dislocated shoulder back in place properly. She is then taken to the castle of the MacKenzie clan and hired” as a healer, unable to return to the stones and therefore to her own time. Very quickly, she will sympathize with the young Jamie and when she will be captured again by an English officer, Jamie will propose to marry her in order to be released. Although this marriage is arranged, they will quickly develop feelings for each other. Jamie is an impulsive young man, which often gets him into trouble, so much so that he is wanted by the English army, but he is also gentle, fair and brave.


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