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Claire Randall (Outlander)

Lost in Scotland

Upon her arrival in Scotland in 1742, Claire is soon taken in by a Scottish clan and brought to their castle where she is given clothes appropriate to the time, which is how she is depicted on this figure. Being in Scotland, Claire wears a skirt made of beige and brown checkered fabric with black boots sticking out of it. On top, she wears a brown bustier with a beige fabric decorated with floral motifs and the sleeves of a beige shirt. Around the neck, she wears a thick wool collar. At the level of the head, her face is very simple with the usual black eyes of the pop and her brown eyebrows. As for the hair, we find her brown curly hair tied in a bun with a few strands in front of the face. This figurine is of course to match with the one of the Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser.


A woman out of time

Claire Randall is the heroine of the Outlander series, adapted from the novels of the same name. The series begins in 1945 at the time of the liberation. Claire is a war nurse in England during the Second World War and she will finally be able to find her husband, Frank, whom she has hardly seen since the beginning of the war. Together, they decide to go on a second honeymoon to Scotland to follow in the footsteps of Frank’s ancestors, who are passionate about genealogy. During their trip, they come across a magic stone circle and women practicing a round. The next day, Claire returns alone to pick plants. She hears voices coming from a stone and when she touches it, she is propelled backwards. When she tries to go home, she can’t find her way back and soon realizes that she has been propelled back to 1742. She is attacked by an English officer who looks exactly like her husband, but saved in extremis by several Scotsmen. She is taken to their clan’s castle as a guest and they take her on as a healer after she helps heal one of the young men in the clan. While she tries her best to return to the stones to find her husband, she also begins to grow attached to Jamie Fraser, the young man she healed upon arrival.


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